Compensation for Cracked Tooth

Can I claim compensation for cracked tooth even if I was partly to blame for the accident? I slipped on a grape in a shop but I was not wearing my glasses at the time.

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

It may be possible for you to claim compensation for cracked tooth even though you were not wearing your glasses. Unless your eyesight is so poor that you could not see a hazard warning sign, the shop may still be responsible for your injury and will therefore be named as the negligent party in your compensation claim.

It would be beneficial to have witness statements, along with images of the area in which you fell at the time of the accident in order to support your claim for compensation for cracked tooth. Additionally, you should have reported your accident to a member of staff and had your injury recorded in the shop’s “Accident Report Book”.

Assuming that you sought professional treatment following your injury by going to hospital or at least by making an emergency appointment with your dentist – as you should have done to avoid the risk of infection, or other complications – your injury would have been noted in your medical history which could be used as further support in your compensation for cracked tooth claim.

You would be well advised to speak with an experienced solicitor as soon as possible; who can assess your case and determine whether you are likely to qualify for compensation for cracked tooth. It would be impossible to establish the full amount of compensation you should be eligible for – or the partial amount, to account for potential contributory negligence – until a solicitor is aware of how much reliance you put on your glasses.