Do I need a solicitor to make a personal injury claim?

Do I need a solicitor to make a personal injury claim?
Eoin P. Campbell
Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor
Editor in Chief

While in theory it would be possible for you to do all your own legal work, in practice it would be extremely unwise to do your own paperwork on anything expect the most simple personal injury claim.

If you have a small claim for a minor injury, you could certainly look at the necessary Injuries Board Ireland paperwork and see if the you are comfortable with it. But bear in mind that the legal paperwork is only one part of the process. You will will possibly be contacted by an insurance company wanting to negotiate a settlement and it’s the job of the solicitor to negotiate the highest possible amount based on past experience. You would be at a huge disadvantage trying to do this on your own. If you get as far as the Injuries Board Ireland making you a settlement offer, you will have no way of knowing if you should accept or reject the offer. Again, this is where your solicitor’s advice will be invaluable.

There are certain type of personal injury claims, such as medical negligence claims or claims involving children (which must be reviewed approved by a judge in court), that always require a solicitor.

My personal recommendation is to always at least speak to a solicitor before making any decision about a personal injury claim. A good benchmark is that a solicitor will tell you if your personal injury claim is big enough to justify using professional legal advice.

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