Eyebrow Injury Compensation

Can I claim eyebrow injury compensation if I was burned during an eyebrow waxing session and I have been left with a visible scar?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

You will be able to claim eyebrow injury compensation against the beauty salon where you received the treatment if it can be established that the burn you sustained is attributable to the negligence of the person who performed the treatment. The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on the visibility of the scare in relation to your age and sex and the impact it has had on your confidence in partaking in social and leisure activities.

You should visit your GP and have your scar recorded in your medical records to be used in support of your eyebrow injury compensation claim. Your doctor will have to complete a medical evaluation of your injury and this evaluation (which would be known as Injuries Board Medical Assessment Form B) should be submitted with your Application Form A for assessment by the Injuries Board Ireland, which can be submitted through post or online.

In order for your application for eyebrow injury compensation to account for the affect your injury has had on your quality of life, your doctor will have to state on the form if the scar has had any impact on your confidence (a “residual symptom”) and you may have to undergo a further medical examination arranged by the Injuries Board in order that an independent assessment of your injury clam can be made. It would be advantageous to your claim it you attach two photographs of the injury – one close-up shot, to show the extent of your injury and one from a slight distance to demonstrate its visibility.

You would be well advised in engaging with a solicitor who would be able to assist you with filling out your application to the Injuries Board for your eyebrow compensation claim. It is recommended that you write a cover letter in order to ensure that all aspects of your claim are accounted for; however, due to the nature of the application forms provided by the Injuries Board, you may be hard pressed in adequately presenting your case without some expert assistance. If there is the possibility that revision surgery could remove the scar or diminish its visibility, for example, the cost of this treatment should be included under “special damages”, along with a quote from an accredited source to support this section of your claim.

You would also be advised to keep a diary to record occasions when your injury has restricted you from attending certain social events, or prevented you from working or performing everyday tasks. You should also write in your diary entry your natural reaction to being deprived of some of the joys in life so that your solicitor can determine whether your claim should factor in the emotional trauma you have experienced as a result of your burn injury.

The emotional reaction to your injury will need to be proven medically and – with so many possible factors of your eyebrow injury compensation claim – it is recommended that you speak with an experienced solicitor at the first opportunity possible.