Injury Claim for Broken Chair in Restaurant

Is it possible to make an injury claim for broken chair in restaurant if I injured my coccyx?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

You should be able to pursue an injury claim for broken chair in restaurant, because the restaurant owner failed in their legal duty of care in providing you with a safe dining environment. The restaurant owner should have been aware that the chair was faulty, and the fact that you were provided with a damaged chair indicates that the duty of care was breached and that your injury was the result of staff or management negligence.

By supplying you with a faulty chair, the restaurant has demonstrated a failure to adhere to official health and safety regulations by clearly not having conducted a thorough risk assessment. There should have been a system in place for all restaurant equipment to be regularly inspected for faults. If a risk assessment had in fact been carried out, the damaged chair should have been identified and replaced or repaired as a preventative measure.

It appears that you have grounds for claiming broken chair in restaurant injury compensation; however, that right to claim compensation for your injury may be put in jeopardy if you neglected to seek immediate and appropriate medical attention for your injury. Pursuing a claim for injury from restaurant broken chair would be impossible without a record of the injury in your medical history. You should also have reported the accident in the restaurant’s Accident Report Book, which could be used to support your claim as proof that the injury did in fact occur in the restaurant.

When you make an injury claim for broken chair in restaurant, you are not only eligible to be recompensed for the physical injury that you sustained; compensation can also be awarded for any quantifiable emotional trauma you may have experienced. Additionally, you may be eligible to recover damages for any “loss of amenity” caused by the injury, i.e. how the injury has negatively affected your quality of life – if you cannot perform everyday tasks, for example, or if you have been unable to participate in social or leisure activities you enjoyed prior to the accident.

Additionally, you may be reimbursed in special damages for any financial expenses you may have incurred because of the injury you sustained from the accident in the restaurant, such as medical costs, loss of income or alternative transport fees if you can no longer drive.

You would be strongly recommended to engage a solicitor at the first practical moment to discuss the details of your injury claim for broken chair in restaurant. In the initial consultation that most solicitors offer without charge, he or she could assess your claim for injury from restaurant broken chair in order to determine its viability. Once your right to claim has been established, your solicitor can guide you through the broken chair in restaurant injury compensation claims process and will ensure that your claim is quickly and successfully resolved.