Injury Compensation for Falling in Tesco Store

Is it possible to claim injury compensation for falling in Tesco store if I slipped on a wet floor, even though it was raining outside?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

You can claim injury compensation for falling in a Tesco store if it can be proven that the store in question failed in their “duty of care” to provide customers with a safe shopping environment and were responsible for your injury. However, the duty of care they hold is not “absolute”, and if your injury occurred before staff had a “reasonable” length of time to remove the hazard – if you slipped on water that had dripped from the umbrella of the customer who was directly ahead of you, for example – the supermarket could not be held responsible.

The best way to prove the supermarket’s negligence is to speak with an experienced solicitor who can guide you through the motions. Any employees who came to your aid after the accident should be contacted, and if possible, the images recorded by the supermarket’s CCTV should be accessed to determine how long the hazard was there and to see what efforts staff made to remove it. If you have not already done so, your injury should be noted in the supermarket’s “Accident Report Book” as it is possible that if records of previous accidents that happened due to the negligence of the supermarket exist, they can potentially be used to support your claim.

If the supermarket admits liability, their insurers may approach you with a direct offer of injury compensation for falling in a Tesco store. In this event, you should refer such an offer to a solicitor who will be in a good position to determine whether or not it is a fair amount which adequately reflects the amount of compensation you genuinely qualify for. Compensation for an injury you sustained when you fell in Tesco should take into account several factors that Tesco’s insurers may not consider.

For example, you should be compensated for “Loss of Amenity” – how your injury has affected your quality of life which could refer to your inability to perform day-to-day tasks, or to participate in social or leisure activities you previously enjoyed. It is also possible for you to recover various medical expenses you have incurred, ranging from costs of painkillers to loss of income, if you are unable to work.

Seeking the assistance of an experienced solicitor in your injury compensation for falling in a Tesco store claim would be the recommended route to take. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation where they can answer any questions you may have and can determine whether your claim is worth pursuing.