Man to Receive 1.6 Million Dollars for Leg Lost in Grain Bin

A man, whose right leg was severed when it became trapped in a grain bin, has been awarded 1.6 million dollars in a product liability compensation claim against the designer of the grain bin – Ken Babcock Sales Inc. of Hiawatha, Kansas – and his employer – the Fredonia Cooperative Association of Fredonia, Kansas.

Sam Rollings (23), of Wilson County, Kansas, was sweeping out corn in the grain bin in January 2007, when he slipped and his right foot became entangled in the drag chain of the grain bin conveyor system. His leg was pulled into the machine and Sam suffered such severe injuries to his right foot and lower leg that surgeons could not save it.

In an action against the designer of the grain bin and his employer, it was claimed that there were no protective barriers or guard rails in the grain bin, and that no instructions or warnings were ever issued to employees working in the grain bin about the hazards which were present. Claiming personal injury due to product liability, the case was tried before District Court Judge David Rogers of the District Court of Wilson County, Kansas.

After seven hours of deliberation, the jury agreed with Sam that both Ken Babcock Sales and the Fredonia Cooperative Association were jointly responsible for his injuries, and awarded a total of 1.6 million dollars to cover a loss of earnings, past medical expenses and future medical care.


Farm Accident Injury Statistics

California Workers’ Compensation Institute has published research that finds that farm accidents cost the California workers’ compensation system $1.46 billion in loss payments, which is 5.5% of Californian Workers’ Compensation claims. The most comment types of injuries included back problems (sprains or strains), minor woulds and skin injuries, and shoulder, arm, knee, and lower leg sprains.

Teagasc the Health and Safety Authority estimate that one-third of Irish workplace deaths take place on farms.  Most accidents involve tractors and  machinery (49%), followed by livestock (15%), falls from a height (12%), and drowning (12%). Unfortunately, the Injuries Board Ireland does not provide information on farm accident claims.