Teacher Receives Six-Figure Compensation for Stress Claim

Scotland´s largest teaching union – the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) – has revealed that more than 650,000 pounds was paid out to its members in occupational injury compensation, including one six-figure payment for stress in the workplace.

The unnamed teacher was awarded the compensation for stress after their employer refused to respond to the teachers concerns of an excessive workload. The teacher consequently sustained a stress-related psychiatric injury and received their compensation for stress in the workplace in an out-of-court settlement.

The General Secretary of the EIS, Ronnie Smith, commented that “The growth in the number of cases involving psychiatric injury and stress-related illness must be a warning to employers that they need to take account of their employees’ mental, as well as physical, wellbeing. The fact that this record compensation award arose from a workload-related case, which was compounded by a lack of management support, is no coincidence.”

A Scottish government spokesman said that they expect councils to take appropriate action to minimise the risk of stress in the workplace for teachers


Students Wins Compensation From College That Ignored Special Needs

Rosie Watson, aged 48, a deaf student at Durham University, has reach a settlement of £25,000 after the university repeatedly failed to take her profound deafness into account.

Ms Watson claimed that her tutors were not informed about her special needs due to her deafness or failed to take them into account, and continued to deny assistance even when she requested it.  Ms Watson said that ignoring her special needs effectively meant that the university discriminated against her, which forced her to leave in her third year. The compensation claim was supported by Darlington Association on Disability.

The settlement was to reimburse her college fees, a student loan, but also for injury to her feelings and psychiatric damage.

Durham University denied the claims and paid the compensation to Ms Watson without any admission of liability.