Man Wins Claim for Injured Car Passenger Compensation

A man, who suffered substantial injuries after the car in which he was travelling was involved in a non-collision accident, has won his claim for injured car passenger compensation against the negligent driver and been awarded more than 2.7 million dollars by a jury in Lee County, Florida.

Jiri Renotiere, from Clay County, Florida, was a passenger in a car driven by Waldemar Baranowski in May 2009, when Baranowski – who, the trial jury heard, had been speeding in wet conditions – lost control of the vehicle as he approached a bend, crashed through a barrier and landed in a ditch.

Jiri was thrown from the vehicle, which burst into flames shortly after leaving the road. Lying close to the car, and having fractured his shoulder blade and several facial bones, Jiri sustained third-degree burns alongside the left of his body including his shoulder, arm and foot.

Both victims were rushed to Tampa General Hospital, were Jiri remained for four weeks recovering from his injuries and undergoing multiple skin graft operations. On his discharge from hospital, Jiri underwent a further three months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

As passengers in car accidents are entitled to claim for injured car passenger compensation against the driver of the vehicle in which they were travelling should that driver be responsible for their injuries, Jiri claimed that Baranowski was travelling too fast for the conditions and was reaching for his mobile telephone as the accident happened.

Following a four-day trial, in which witnesses to the accident confirmed that Baranowski had been driving carelessly, the jury awarded Jiri 1 million dollars for his pain and suffering during the accident and throughout his medical treatment, a further 1 million dollars to cover past and future medical expenses and 3,000 for lost property. Jiri´s wife, Marie, was also awarded 700,000 dollars for loss of Jiri´s services – a total of 2,703,000 dollars as settlement of Jiri´s claim for injured car passenger compensation.