Wheelchair Injury Claim Settled in Out of Court Agreement

A man who suffered a broken leg and head injuries, when his motorised wheelchair was hit by a negligent motorist on a road crossing, has settled his pedestrian accident claim with the driver´s insurers.

Arthur Billingsley of Olivette, Missouri, was in the process of crossing the town´s main road in his wheelchair when he was in collision with a car driven by Willette Jackson of St. Louis, Missouri. After being attended at the scene by an ambulance, Arthur was taken to St. John´s Mercy Medical Centre in Olivette where he was treated for concussion and underwent surgery for a broken leg.

After speaking with his solicitor, Arthur made a pedestrian accident claim for compensation against Ms Jackson; stating that she had been driving without due care for the road conditions and had failed to see him on the crossing. The claim was not contested by Ms Jackson and after four months of negotiations, a settlement was agreed between her insurers and Arthur´s legal representative for 100,000 dollars in wheelchair injury compensation was agreed.