Compensation for a Childs Cut Knee Approved in Court

A settlement of compensation for a childs cut knee has been approved by Judge Matthew Deery following a hearing in the Circuit Civil Court.

Ellen Hackett of Artane in Dublin was just four years of age in June 2011 when she knelt on some broken glass which was on the floor of the crèche she was attending, while settling down with other young children to watch  a concert at the Artane Beaumont Family Recreation Centre in Dublin.

The deep cut to her right knee was of such severity that she was taken immediately to Temple Street Children´s Hospital for treatment. Once Ellen had been discharged from hospital, her mother sought legal advice and made a claim for a childs cut knee against the recreation centre on her daughter’s behalf.

The Artane Beaumont Family Recreation Centre acknowledged their liability for Ellen´s cut knee injury and gave their consent for the Injuries Board to assess the compensation claim for a childs cut knee.

The value of the claim was assessed at €25,000 plus €1,931 and legal costs, to which both parties agreed. However, as Ellen is still a legal minor, the settlement of compensation for a childs cut knee still needed court approval.

After hearing the circumstances of Ellen´s injuries and the fact that she has been left with a permanent scar, Mr Matthew Deery approved the Board´s assessment.


Schoolboy Injury Compensation of 24,000 Euros Approved

An eight-year-old boy, who lost the tip of his middle finger in an accident at his school, is to receive 24,000 Euros compensation.
Circuit Court president, Mr. Justice Matthew Deery, heard how Benjamin Schonfeld of Clonskeagh, Dublin, was just 6 years of age when he caught his finger in a door jamb at St. Killian’s German School in January 2009.
Benjamin lost approximately 4mm from the tip of his left middle finger, and his injury resulted in a subsequent hooked nail deformity.
Suing the school through his father, Heino, the judge heard that an assessment had been made by the Injuries Board Ireland which both parties accepted.
Approving the assessment of 23,000 Euros with a further 1,041 Euros costs, Mr. Justice Matthew Deery directed the school to pay the settlement into court for Benjamin’s benefit.