Footgolf Injury Sees Man Awarded €16,000 Personal Injury Compensation

A foot injury that was sustained in a accident with a concealed metal spike has resulted in a amatuer goalkeeper being awarded €16,000 personal injury compensation.

Stuart O’Dwyer of Glenhill Avenue, Finglas, Dublin 11, and Leinster Senior League goalkeeper for Glasnevin FC, suffered the injury to his big toe and sought compensation from Simon Rutledge of the White House pub restaurant, New Park, The Ward, Co Dublin – own of the foot golf course.

Judge John O’Connor was informed that the young man suffered the injury as he was attempting to kick the ball he was playing with out of a patch of rough. He was playing the round of footgolf with his father at the time.

Mr O’Dwyer informed the Judge that his right foot collided with a metal stake. The spike in question had been hidden by long grass just off the 10th green of the foot golf course. He said Mr O’Dwyer had been injured in the footgolf game on June 14, 2018.

He was taken to the accident and emergency department of James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Blanchardstown where he was tended to by consultant in emergency medicine Dr Mr JA McKeever.  Mr O’Dwyer was diagnosed a soft-tissue injury.

Additionally, Mr O’Dwyer, lost the nail on his big toe and he had been left with a mild deformity in the shape of a small lump on the toe after the nail had grown back. Mr O’Dwyer still suffers from some pain, discomfort and bruising in his toe which had been splinted with a buddy strap in the hospital where he had been given crutches.

He did not have to miss work due to his injury so the claim did not seek to account for any lost earnings. His injury had cleared up after about nine months.

The jude was informed that Mr O’Dwyer plays in goal for Glasnevin FC at Leinster Senior League level.

Judge O’Connor said he felt compensation would fall in at the lower end of the scale of what could be awarded at the Circuit Court. Mr O’Dwyer was awarded €16,000 damages and Circuit Court legal expenses