Girl (16) settles for €70,000 after fall on ‘potholed’ lane near home

At the High Court today, a young girl settled her personal injury compensation action for €70,000 in relation to an accident when she chipped her teeth and sustained cuts to her face when, she claims, she allegedly fell on a pothole and “patched” laneway near her home.

The girl in question, Kristen Liddy, took the legal the legal action against Longford County Council, due to their mandate to maintain the condition of the roadway, as a result of the accident that occurred close to her home in Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford on May 10,2010.

Kristen, who was aged just seven when the accident occured, was crossing a laneway between her home at Devine Crescent and the fire station in Edgeworthstown at the time. Ms Liddy, claimed that she tripped and fell forward onto her face, chipping her front teeth and suffering cuts to her right check, right upper eyebrow and left knee.In order to deal with the injuries she later had the chipped teeth capped. However, despite the medical treatment that she was given she has been left with some minor scarring.

The girl took the personal injury compensation action via her father Frank, Ms Liddy, now aged 16, of Devine Crescent, Edgeworthstown. They sued Longford County Council due to the accident in which she sustained the injuries. Medical reports submitted to the the High Court, completed by those who inspected Ms Liddy’s facial injuries, stated that the scars to her right cheek and forehead had healed acceptably.

At the High Court today, Ms Liddy’s legal representatives informed Mr Justice Garrett Simons that he could give his approval to the €70,000 personal injury compensation settlement offer by the Council to settle the legal action.

The judge commented that the €70,000 pothole accident compensation included €64,112 in general damages with the remainder for special damages and was very close to the full value of the case.