School Camp Compensation of €55,000 Awarded to Boy who Cut Knee on Tree Stump

At the High Court a child injury compensation action has been settled for €55,000 for a boy who cut his knee when he fell on a tree stump at a mid-term camp.

The accident in question occurred what Diarmuid O’Connor was just 10 years of age. He was attending the mid-term camp during the break from school when he was exploring an area of bushes. The court was told that it was during this exploration that the accident happened.

The claim was awarded against the operators of the camp, Artzone Ltd. They were responsible for the running of the art camps during February 19, 2016. The camp was being conducted at Taney Parish Hall, Dundrum, Dublin.

Judge Justice Garrett Simons was informed that Diarmuid had wandered off during break during break time. He was accompanied by some friends, as he did so, and they decided to go into a part of the camp that was quite bushy. It was here that he fell. when the alarm was raised employees of the came cam eot the scene. They removed the accompanying boys away from the scene of the accident and called for a ambulance to attend the scene.

As he was giving his approval for the child injury compensation settlement, Mr Justice Garrett Simons said the young boy has been left with a scar. In addition to this, he is now apprehensive about wearing shorts, like most boys his age when the weather is warmer during the summer months.

Diarmuid took the personal injury compensation claims via his mother Jacinta O’Connor. Diarmuid is now 15 years of age and live at an address in Ashton Avenue, Knocklyon, Dublin,

Justice Simons referred to the agreed settlement as a satisfactory one and and made reference to the fact that a trial could have been problematic when the issues of supervision and how the young boy was permitted to walk off, unsupervised, with friend were considered.