Office Fall Injury Compensation

I want to claim office fall injury compensation but I am worried about filing a claim against my boss. He has already been bullying me to try to prevent me from making a claim. What should I do?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

Making a claim for office fall injury compensation can be a daunting experience, especially when an employer has made it clear that he does not want you to claim personal injury compensation. However if you have genuinely been injured in an accident which was not your fault, and have suffered an injury due to your employer´s negligence, you have a legal right to recover compensation for your injuries. You should not be deterred from doing so by your employer’s attitude.

Although you have to see your boss on a daily basis at work, you do not have to discuss making a claim for office fall injury compensation with him. If you use a personal injury solicitor to pursue office fall injury compensation on your behalf, should your boss wish to speak with you about your office fall injury claim, you can refer him to your solicitor. Your solicitor will be able to deal with all matters regarding the office fall injury claim on your behalf.

A solicitor will also be able to help you to collect evidence in support of your office fall injury claim, such as contacting witnesses and obtaining their written testimony of the circumstances which led to the office accident. Many claimants choose to use a solicitor when pursuing office fall injury compensation against a current employer to avoid unnecessary confrontations with difficult employers.

While some employers may initially be unsympathetic with regards to an office fall injury compensation claim being made, once the claim has been submitted to the Injuries Board for assessment, the matter is often referred to an employer’s insurance company to deal with. It is, after all, the insurance company who are responsible for paying any award of office fall injury compensation. The reason why some employers try to prevent a claim for office fall injury compensation being made is usually only an attempt to avoid having to pay an excess on the policy or to avoid any increases in future insurance premiums.

Your next step should be to speak with a personal injury solicitor about your case. Any questions you have about the process of making a claim for office fall injury compensation will be answered, your claim will be assessed and you will be advised of the legal processes which need to be completed. This should go some way towards putting your mind at rest about making a legal claim to recover office fall injury compensation from your employer’s insurance company.