Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

If you have sustained an injury in an accident for which you were not entirely you blame, and wish to find out more about your entitlement to personal injury compensation, you should seek the advice of personal injury solicitors. Dublin, being the home of the Law Society of Ireland, is the obvious place to find personal injury solicitors – but not all solicitors will be able to offer you the same level of service.

Personal injury solicitors focus as much on the effects of an injury as the injury itself, and this can make a substantial difference to how much compensation you receive. For example, if you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to which you will be unable to work, you are more likely to receive compensation for lost income, lost pension and lost opportunities when using personal injury solicitors.

Dublin is also the home of the High Court and major Circuit Civil Courts and, if litigation is required to resolve your personal injury claim for compensation, personal injury solicitors in Dublin are likely to be more familiar with their surroundings than those from outside the city. Seemingly small matters such as this can influence the success of your personal injury claim.

Why Use Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin

Being more familiar with the “personal” element of personal injuries, personal injury solicitors in Dublin take time to establish what impact your injury has made to your quality of life and those around you. Whether it is helping you to prepare the most comprehensive application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland, negotiating on your behalf with a negligent party´s insurers or preparing a case for litigation in the High Court, you can rely on Dublin personal injury solicitors to be thorough and keep you informed with the progress of your claim.

No two personal injury claims for compensation are identical – even when the injuries which have been sustained are. Therefore, personal injury solicitors in Dublin will not only consider the physical injuries you have suffered in an injury compensation claim, but how they prevent you from enjoying your usual pastimes and what the psychological impact of a physical trauma has meant to you – not just at the time an injury was sustained, but during your rehabilitation and even when the physical scars of your injury have long faded.

Personal injury solicitors in Dublin will also consider the secondary victims of a personal injury – the parent who now has to take time from work to collect children from school, the wife who has to give up her employment to care for her injured husband and the son or daughter who have to rearrange their lives to help an elderly parent who has lost the services of their partner. All the consequences of a personal injury will be considered when you engage Dublin personal injury solicitors.

Dublin Personal Injury Solicitors Understand Your Circumstances

Some interesting statistics came out of a recent Millward Brown survey conducted on behalf of the UK Department for Constitutional Affairs which highlighted people´s concerns about making a personal injury compensation claim.

120 people were interviewed who had suffered an injury in the previous three years for which they were entitled to claim personal injury compensation but had not done so. Among the top answers for why they had declined to claim were:

  • They did not believe that there was anything that could be done
  • They did not want the hassle they believed would be involved
  • They were concerned that they did not have enough proof
  • They did not want to claim against the responsible party, and
  • They did not know how to make a personal injury claim

These apprehensions are equally as valid in the Republic of Ireland as they are in the UK, and personal injury solicitors in Dublin understand your circumstances and why you may be nervous about making a personal injury claim for compensation in Ireland. All of these reasons are valid concerns and should be discussed with personal injury solicitors in Dublin in order that any fears you may have can be allayed.

The Cost of Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin

In many cases, personal injury solicitors in Dublin will offer their initial assessment of your personal injury claim free of charge and, depending on the circumstances of your accident and injury, it may be possible for you to recover any legal fees you incur in pursuit of your claim as part of your injury compensation settlement. It is advisable for you to discuss the cost of personal injury solicitors in Dublin during the initial assessment.

Contacting Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin

In order to speak with personal injury solicitors in Dublin, you should take advantage of our freephone injury claims advice service. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is free to call within Ireland. If it is not a convenient hour to call right now, or you would like some time to compile a list of relevant questions, please leave your contact details in the boxes to the right and at the foot of the page, and one of our Dublin personal injury solicitors will get back in touch with you at the requested time.