School Bathroom Accident leads to €40,000 Compensation Award for Boy

by | Nov 18, 2021

At the High Court a schoolboy who was involved in a school bathroom door accident where he lost the tip of one of his fingers has settled his compensation action for €40,000.

Seven year old Conor Bissett had the tip of his right little finger amputated. Presiding Judge Justice Garrett Simons was informed that that then five-year-old boy had to have two separate surgeries to deal with his injuries. As a result of the accident at his school on May 22, 2019 his little finger is now permanently short.

The boy in question, seven-year old Conor Bissett from Granard, Co Longford, took the school accident injury compensation action against St Colmcille’s National School, Augnacliffe, Co Longford via his mother Tanya Bissett.

Ms Bissett provided an affidavit to the High Court that stated said her son had suffered a complete amputation of the tip of his smallest finger. The part of the finger that was cut off was carefully placed in milk to be taken to the hospital with him. She added that, upon arriving at the Dublin hospital to be treated, medics acknowledged that the finger was macerated and, due to this, a grafting of the tip could not be carried out.

Following this a surgical procedure in theatre allowed Conor’s wound to be completely cleaned out. The young boy was allowed to return home and additional appointments were arranged for him to have the wound dressed in the weeks after this procedure took place.

His mother informed the court that her son’s wound was not healed. However, he experiences issues with with nail growth though he retains a full range of motion in his finger. She added that thoe treating him are of the opinion that Conor’s little right finger is permanently short and he also has a 2cm scar.

AS he was giving his approval for the settlement, Justice Garrett Simons remarked that he felt it to be a very good one due to the specific details of the accident. The judge said the accident happened as the boy attended school and his hand got caught in the bathroom door.

The judge noted the boy had full functionality of the finger and commented that the main issue for debate in the case was whether the bathroom door was too heavy and closed too quickly for the accident to be avoided.

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