School Cook Burn Injury Compensation

Is there any guarantee that I will receive school cook burn injury compensation? I do not want to take legal action if I will not be awarded any personal injury compensation.

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

Without being aware of the circumstances that might entitle you to claim school cook burn injury compensation, it is difficult to determine whether your claim will be successful or not. A solicitor assessing whether you have a claim for compensation for a burn sustained by a school cook would need to know whether your injury was sustained due to the negligence of your employers at the school – either due to faulty equipment or a hazardous working environment – and if your accident could have been prevented with greater care – not only from your employers, but also from yourself.

The extent and severity of your injury will also be taken into account to establish whether you had a school cook burn injury compensation claim which was worth your while to pursue, and also whether you immediately attended a hospital or your doctor´s surgery to seek professional medical attention. Receiving preliminary first aid at the school – although advisable – is not sufficient evidence that you sustained a school cook burn injury as, if you failed to seek medical attention at a hospital or your doctors, your injury will not be recorded in your medical history.

Even if a solicitor feels that you have a justifiable claim for school cook burn injury compensation, you may still have to wait until the Injuries Board writes to the school to ask them for consent to assess your claim to be certain you will receive a compensation settlement. The only alternative to the Injuries Board process is if you request that your solicitor write a Letter of Claim to the school prior to submitting your application for assessment to the Injuries Board.

In this event, a strong claim for school cook burn injury compensation will have to be compiled which gives the school no alternative but to acknowledge liability for your injuries. Once liability for your injuries has been received, a solicitor acting on your behalf can approach the school´s insurers and attempt to resolve your claim for compensation for a burn sustained by a school cook by negotiation rather than wait for the Injuries Board to complete their assessment.

This is the only possible way in which you can be guaranteed school cook burn injury compensation without initiating legal action, but first you should establish that there is sufficient evidence to support a school cook burn injury compensation claim and for this reason it is recommended that you discuss the circumstances of your burn injury at school with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.