Compensation Claims for Slips in a Street

Who is responsible when you are injured from slips in the street?
Eoin P. Campbell
Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor
Editor in Chief


Who is responsible when you are injured from slips in the street?


Many people will assume that the city or county council are always the liable party if you are injured from slips in the street, but this is not always the case. Utility companies, business premises and private householders may also be the negligent parties who are responsible for injuries sustained from slips in the street.

Slips in the street can be due to a surface not being gritted during bad weather, liquids spilt during improvement work or litter left by the road, and if anybody slips in the street and injures themselves the first course of action to take is to seek medical attention.

Many councils now request evidence of their alleged negligence before they accept liability when you make an application to the Injuries Board Ireland, so once you have had your injuries attended to, go back to the scene of your accident if possible and take photographs of the area.

It may be the case that the council is indeed innocent, and any photographs or witness statements you can obtain will speed up the process when you make a claim for slips in street compensation. It is also in your best interests to get help from a solicitor in this area, as a solicitor will be more experienced in finding out this information in support of your claim.

A solicitor will also ensure that an application to the Injuries Board Ireland is comprehensively completed to include all the special damages you may be entitled to in a slips in street injury compensation claim.

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