Work Injury at a Pharmaceutical Factory

Is it possible to claim for a work injury at a pharmaceutical factory for severe burns to my face and neck? Can I also claim for mental health issues caused by my burns?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

Provided that the accident at work was the result of the negligence of your employer or another employee, and you were not primarily responsible for the accident it should be possible to make a claim for a work injury at a pharmaceutical factory for your burns. You may also be able to include your mental health issues in your claim for damages.

It is not unusual for burn victims to also suffer from mental health issues after a particularly traumatic experience, and often mental health issues result from the change to physical appearance. When burns have been sustained it is understandable that they can cause anxiety and depression. It is only fair if you also suffered mental health problems as a result of the accident and burn injuries that they are included in a claim for compensation for a work injury at a pharmaceutical factory.

The purpose of compensation for a work injury at a pharmaceutical factory is to make sure that any financial expense resulting from the accident and injuries is recovered, and that pain and suffering are adequately compensated. This includes compensation for suffering from mental health problems which developed as a result of the accident.

Accidents at work which involve clear cases of employer negligence are usually reported to insurance companies promptly, and it is not unusual for accident victims to be contacted directly by the insurance company of an employer. Compensation for a pharmaceutical factory work injury may be offered to your directly by your employers insurance company; however you should bear in mind that you are under no obligation to accept an offer and you should only decide whether or not to accept any compensation offered by an insurance company after talking to an independent personal injury solicitor. The potential for under settling a pharmaceutical factory work injury claim is high when legal advice is not sought.

It is recommended that you speak with a personal injury solicitor about recovering pharmaceutical factory injury compensation against the employee liability insurance policy of your employer. Although you should be eligible to claim compensation, you should have this confirmed by an independent personal injury solicitor. It is also important that your burns are thoroughly assessed doctors with experience of dealing with facial burns, and mental health problems would also need to be assessed and documented.

A personal injury solicitor would be the ideal to arrange medical examinations with experts in the field to determine the extent of your injuries, as he or she can ensure that every aspect of your injuries is included in your medical assessment form. Only then are you likely to be able to recover your full entitlement to compensation for you injuries.