Workplace Accidents

Injuries at work compensation claims are often a delicate issue because the employee usually wishes to remain working for the employer and does not want to damage working relationships.

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 Personal Injuries

One of the most frequently asked questions relating to personal injury claims in Ireland is “Do I have a worthwhile personal injury claim?”

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 Medical Negligence

Despite the best efforts of an under-resourced Irish Health Service, patients do sometimes suffer avoidable injuries due to medical negligence in Ireland.

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 Road Traffic Accidents

You should always make your health and the health of your passengers your top priority.

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Latest News

State Claims Agency Criticised after Settlement of Claim for Severe Birth Injuries

The mother of a brain damaged girl has criticised the State Claims Agency for delaying the settlement of her daughter´s claim for severe birth injuries. Alex Butler (10) from Dunmore East, County Waterford, was born at the Waterford Regional Hospital in April 2005, “blue and lifeless” after her delivery had been mismanaged and she had...

Judge Says €15,000 Compensation for Crèche Psychological Trauma Insufficient

A judge at the Circuit Civil Court has refused to approve a settlement of compensation for crèche psychological trauma, saying that €15,000 is not enough. Emilie Kiely (4) from Sandyford in Dublin started attending the Giraffe crèche in Stepaside in 2011 when she was just eight months old. In September 2012, Emilie was moved to...


Compensation Claim for Breaking a Hip in Dunnes Stores Settled at Hearing

A compensation claim for breaking a hip in Dunnes Stores has been settled in favour of the plaintiff following a three-day hearing at the High Court in Cork. Seventy-seven year old Bernadette O´Leary from Clonakilty in Cork was shopping in her local Dunnes Stores on 2nd July 2013, intending to buy a waterproof canopy to...

Court Rules in Favour of Dunnes Worker Injury Compensation Claim

The High Court has ruled in favour of a Dunnes worker injury compensation claim and increased the settlement of compensation set by the Circuit Court. On June 6th 2011, Anthony Fitzsimons (25) from Finglas in Dublin – an employee of Dunnes Stores – suffered an injury to his left foot when he attempted to lift...


Is an Anembryonic Pregnancy Misdiagnosis Medical Negligence in Ireland?

An anembryonic pregnancy misdiagnosis is medical negligence in Ireland but your entitlement to injury compensation will depend on several factors. An anembryonic pregnancy occurs during the early stages of pregnancy when a fertilised egg implants in the uterus, but an embryo fails to develop. This often occurs when there are too many or too few...

Hit and Run Injury Claim Settled with Split Liability

A hit and run injury claim has been settled during a break in proceedings on the first day of a hearing after an agreement was reached on the division of liability. Anthony Driver (25) from Enniskerry in County Wicklow made his hit and run injury claim after being run over by an unidentified car at...