Workplace Accidents

Injuries at work compensation claims are often a delicate issue because the employee usually wishes to remain working for the employer and does not want to damage working relationships.

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 Personal Injuries

One of the most frequently asked questions relating to personal injury claims in Ireland is “Do I have a worthwhile personal injury claim?”

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 Medical Negligence

Despite the best efforts of an under-resourced Irish Health Service, patients do sometimes suffer avoidable injuries due to medical negligence in Ireland.

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 Facebook Moderators

Facebook Moderators legal action for compensation.
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Latest News

Footgolf Injury Sees Man Awarded €16,000 Personal Injury Compensation

A foot injury that was sustained in a accident with a concealed metal spike has resulted in a amatuer goalkeeper being awarded €16,000 personal injury compensation. Stuart O’Dwyer of Glenhill Avenue, Finglas, Dublin 11, and Leinster Senior League goalkeeper for Glasnevin FC, suffered the injury to his big toe and sought compensation from Simon Rutledge...


Shop Pastry Compensation Settlement for Leitrim Woman

A personal injury settlement agreement has been reached, compensating Olive Harte Lynch for the injuries she sustained after falling on a discarded muffin in a Londis shop resulting in her allegedly becoming an invalid. In a hearing earlier this month Ms Harte Lynch informed the High Court that she was seeking compensation for injuries that...

Cork City Fall Compensation of €11,000 Awarded to Woman

A woman with a history of unfortunate accidents involving bad falls has been awarded €11,000 in relation to the injuries sustained in a fall at the junction of Lagan Grove and Shannon Lawn in Mayfield on November 13, 2015. The accident happened at 10.30am and result in injuries to the knee and shoulder of the...


Roundup Compensation Claims to Be Settled as Bayer Agrees to Pay $10.9bn

In the US German drugs and pesticides maker Bayer has agreed to pay as much as $10.9bn to settle thousands of legal actions that were taken as, it was claimed, the use of the weedkiller Roundup was leading to users developing cancer. Of that settlement figure up to $5 billion will be paid out during...

Axa Commit to Paying Restaurant Compensation Following French Court Ruling

A Paris court ruling last month resulted in insurance company Axa making the decision that it would paying out most of the business interruption compensation claims from a number restaurant proprietors. The court ruling stated that Axa should pay a restaurant owner two months’ worth of revenue losses that were incurred due to the COVID-19...