Workplace Accidents

Injuries at work compensation claims are often a delicate issue because the employee usually wishes to remain working for the employer and does not want to damage working relationships.

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 Personal Injuries

One of the most frequently asked questions relating to personal injury claims in Ireland is “Do I have a worthwhile personal injury claim?”

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 Medical Negligence

Despite the best efforts of an under-resourced Irish Health Service, patients do sometimes suffer avoidable injuries due to medical negligence in Ireland.

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 Facebook Moderators

Facebook Moderators legal action for compensation.
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Latest News

€5,000 Unfair Dismissal Award for Bus Driver

€5,000 compensation for unfair dismissal has been awarded to Kenneth Folman, a former Bus Éireann worker who had been dismissed from his position following being disqualified from driving. Despite the WRC adjudication officer ruling, on an earlier occasion, that the individual should be reinstated to his role in the aftermath of the unfair dismissal ruling,...

Bouncy Castle Accident Compensation of €40k for Boy who Broke Elbow in Fall

€40,000 personal injury compensation has been awarded to a boy who broke his left elbow in an accident involving a bouncy castle. The young male, Rean Jay Cabangal, fell from the bouncy castle at the Courtyard Hotel in Leixlip, Co Kildare. Representing the boy at the Circuit Civil Court, Barrister Tom Clarke, appearing with Dillon...


Dog Attack Accident Compensation of €121,917 Awarded to Woman

At the High Court €121,917 personal injury compensation has been awarded to a women who was attacked and bitten by a large pit bull terrier at her friend’s house. The attack, which took place on February 14, 2016 resulted in Colene Killian taking a legal action against her then friends Martin and Amy Kilduff, in...


Car Park Slip Accident Results in €75,000 Injury Compensation for Public Servant

At the High Court €75,000 in compensation has been awarded to a female public servant who fell in an office car park, fracturing her ankle in the process. The woman in question, Shirley Farrell, submitted a legal compensation action against her employer, the Minister for Agriculture and the Marine, and Apelona HSG Ltd, a company...

Homeless Man Involved in Bus Accident Awarded €2m Compensation

At the High Court €2m bus accident compensation settlement has been awarded to a homeless man who was left in a paralysed from the waist down. The accident that occurred in Dublin during October 2014, left Michael Carroll, who had been homeless for 15 years at the time, in a paraplegic condition, requiring full-time care...