Facebook Moderator Legal Action for Compensation Claim for PTSD

If you are considering pursuing a Facebook moderator legal action for compensation claim for PTSD then there are a number of very important factors for you to consider. These factors will either enhance or diminish the chances of you winning you legal action.

The content that Facebook moderators must view is, naturally, going to result in some very graphic and disturbing images being witnessed. IN 2019 alone there have been multiple Facebook moderator legal actions filed around the world seeking damages for the post traumatic stress disorder that moderator faces as a direct result of their moderator duties.

What is a Facebook Moderator PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be sustained by Facebook moderators who are must filter through hundreds of thousands of hours of videos and pictures so that they can remove content that is either graphic in nature or inappropriate for sharing publicly on the social media service.

As they are expected to return a high record of accuracy, thought to be 98%, there is a lot of time pressure associated with the position. In some of the legal actions already submitted record of individual having difficulty sleeping have been witnessed.

This coupled with the disturbing picture and video content that the moderators must views means that this role has high potential for resulting in PTSD. Witnessing disturbing content can have lots of consequences such as depression, violent mood swings and anti-social tendencies.

Facebook and its moderation partners should be conducting the training and counselling required to allow their content moderators copel with the material that needs to be filtered. Also present should be a clear system of management, so moderators can raise any issue that they may have in relation to work targets and goals that they may feel are unrealistic.

Who do you take a Facebook Moderator PTSD Claims against?

In most cases Facebook moderators are hired by an external company that has a partnership with Facebook to supply the moderation services. If this is so then any compensation case could be submitted against either, or both, organizations. The legal action will rule on which body was neglectful for failing to act or provide a service which resulted in a negative impact for the moderator.

Your solicitor will advise you regarding the best course of action for you to take against these organizations

Initiating Compensation Claims for Facebook Moderator PTSD

A smart rule of thumb is to always consult with an experienced solicitor in relation to making a claim for PTSD that you sustain as a result of your working conditions. They can guide you in relation to the proper course of action to take in relation to the Facebook moderator PTSD you suffered.

You should contact a solicitor as soon as possible so they can submit your compensation claim for you. There are many other Facebook moderators proceeding with similar action so there may be a number of claims to manage together.