Compensation Claim for Broken Jaw in Accident

Should I accept an offer of compensation from my employer’s insurers or make my own compensation claim for broken jaw in accident?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

As it is impossible to confirm whether or not an offer of compensation from an insurance company sufficiently represents your injury and the affect it has had on your life without a thorough investigation, it is recommended that you have a solicitor assess the offer before you either decide to accept it or pursue a compensation claim for broken jaw in accident through legal means.

You should be aware that the insurance company’s offer of broken jaw accident compensation has likely been made to limit its potential losses and without much consideration of the individual facts of your case. This practice – known as “third party capture” – is employed by insurance companies to reduce liabilities and escalate company profits and – though legal – is rarely known to benefit the accident victim.

Upon discussion with their client – the negligent party in your claim for accident broken jaw – the insurance company would probably have made an assessment based on figures published by a claims calculator and possibly by referencing other similar cases. Although several factors should be included when calculating your compensation settlement, it is unlikely that the insurance company would have incorporated each one, as they would not have known details of your individual circumstances. The decision to offer you broken jaw accident compensation would have been made in order to minimise the risk of having to pay a higher compensation figure if your claim was resolved successfully through legal action.

You would be strongly recommended, therefore, to speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor about the circumstances of your compensation claim for broken jaw in accident before you make a decision about whether to accept the offer from your employer’s insurance company. Your solicitor can evaluate your claim, and would be able to confirm the strength of your claim for accident broken jaw based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and any evidence collected that can establish your employer’s negligence. Before an accurate compensation figure can be given, any contributory negligence on your part will need to be investigated and a medical examination may be required to ensure that all details of your injury are known.

Once you are provided with information on how much compensation you can claim for accident broken jaw, and have been advised on the likelihood of a successful claim, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision about whether the offer of compensation made by your employer’s is worth accepting or if you should pursue a compensation claim for broken jaw in accident through legal means.