IKEA High Chair Recall: Your Right to Injury Compensation

by | Jan 5, 2012

Following the discovery of a design fault in the belts of “Antilop” high chairs, an IKEA high chair recall has been announced for all “Antilop” high chair belts purchased between 2007 and 2011.

 The IKEA high chair recall follows reports to the company of the restraining belt on the high chair opening unexpectedly and presenting the risk of a child falling from the seat. At least three children are known to have sustained injuries due to the faulty product – entitling their parents to make IKEA high chair injury compensation claims on their behalf.

 Throughout the world, an estimated 1.2 million IKEA high chairs are affected by this design fault, potentially developing into a significant number of IKEA high chair injury claims. Parents concerned about the safety of their high chair should look on the underside of the chair for the supplier number (#17389) and a production date between 0607 and 0911.

It is not only IKEA who may be liable for injuries sustained due to faulty belts on the “Antilop” high chairs. Business premises such as restaurants and crèches which provide “Antilop” high chairs for their clients´ use may also be liable if a child sustains an injury on their premises due to the proprietor failing to take action following the IKEA high chair recall.

Parents of children who have been injured due to these faulty belts have a right to claim IKEA high chair injury compensation through the Injuries Board, but are advised to seek advice from a personal injury solicitor experienced in product liability claims beforehand.

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