Radial Nerve Injury Compensation Awarded in Uncontested Claim

A man, who suffered nerve damage in his arm after it was struck by a pub door, has been awarded 35,000 Euros after his claim for radial nerve injury compensation was uncontested.

Mr Justice Matthew Deery in the Circuit Civil Court heard that Radoslaw Wojtkow (31) of Dundrum, Dublin, had been leaving The Living Room pub on Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin on May 27th 2009 when an emergency door which had been opened to allow customers to come in and out of the pub fell from its hinges and struck him on the arm.

Radoslaw sought a medical examination the next day, but no fracture was diagnosed. Due to the pain continuing, Radoslaw later attended a neurologist who conducted a scan on his arm and found that the door accident had caused damage to his radial nerve. After taking legal advice, Radoslaw brought a claim for radial nerve injury compensation against Murraywalsh Ltd trading as The Living Room for damages.

Radoslaw´s legal representatives advised Mr Justice Matthew Deery that the pub owners had failed to enter a defence to Radoslaw´s claim for radial nerve injury compensation and that a judgement had already been made against them. Consequently the case was before Mr Deery for assessment of damages only.

Having taken medical reports into accounts and the fact that The Living Room had not contested the radial nerve injury claim, Mr Justice Matthew Deery awarded Radoslaw 35,000 Euros.