Office Trip Injury Compensation

When is it possible to claim office trip injury compensation? How can I tell if I am eligible to claim for my injuries?

Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor

Editor in Chief

Eoin P. Campbell

In order to be eligible to claim office trip injury compensation you must have sustained an injury in a tripping accident at work which was attributable to the negligence of your employer or another third party who owed you a duty of care.

An employer – or his representative – must make all reasonable efforts to make sure that hazards in the workplace are dealt with promptly and are not allowed to present a risk of injury for an unreasonable amount of time. Should a hazard be allowed to remain, which leads to an employee tripping in the office, then the employer will be liable for any injuries which are sustained as a direct result of a trip on the hazard. It is not uncommon for negligence in office trip injury compensation claims to be determined by how long a trip hazard has been present on the floor.

Although any personal injury can be claimed for, office trip injury compensation can only be recovered for injuries which were treated at a hospital or by a doctor. Any injury which was not severe enough to warrant medical attention being sought would not qualify the victim for making a claim for office trip injury compensation.

Irish compensation claims law allows accident victims to take legal action to recover office trip injury compensation without using the services of a solicitor; however most Irish claimant’s still choose to engage a solicitor to pursue compensation on their behalf. There are many benefits to pursuing office trip injury compensation using a personal injury solicitor.

Having an expert complete the application form for the Injuries Board Ireland and make arrangements to have medical experts assess your injuries can ease the strain of making an office trip injury compensation claim by yourself. This can allow you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Establishing and proving negligence can be complicated when claiming office trip injury compensation and the advice of a personal injury solicitor can be invaluable in this regard. Even when a trip and fall in an office appears to involve a clear case of employer negligence, it is always advisable to seek legal advice from a personal injury solicitor about claiming office trip injury compensation. An initial telephone consultation should be free of charge and without obligation.