Wrist Fracture Injury Compensation Claims

I had a bad fall at work in which I suffered a wrist fracture injury
Eoin P. Campbell
Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor
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I had a bad fall at work in which I suffered a wrist fracture injury and also sustained damage to the ligaments in my hand. Which injury should I claim compensation for?


Assuming that your employer is to blame for your fall at work, you are entitled to claim compensation for both the wrist fracture injury and the damaged ligaments. However, there are certain considerations that you have to bear in mind when completing your application to the Injuries Board Ireland for an assessment of compensation.

Firstly, wrist fracture injuries vary considerably in their severity, and can take from six weeks to six months to heal completely. Your doctor will probably be able to give you an indication of how soon you will recover from your specific wrist fracture injury, but you need to account for any loss of earnings you may suffer as well as claiming for the trauma you experienced at the time of your fall.

Related ligament damage occurs when you put your hand out in front of you to break your fall. Often the ligaments between your thumb and forefinger are over-extended when you land, and the resulting tear can take just as long as your wrist fracture injury to heal. You may also need physiotherapy for both your injuries to ensure you do not suffer problems later in life, and the cost of this treatment is another factor which you may have to include in a wrist fracture injury compensation claim.

In any accident where a victim suffers multiple injuries due to the negligence of a third party, it is always in your best interests to speak with a solicitor as soon as you have received medical attention.

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